Solid Relationships, Creative Solutions

In situations requiring specialized expertise, we have established solid relationships with experts and consultants in a variety of areas.  Our clients rely on our ability to provide informed and creative solutions to many diverse situations.

Harmonious Blend of Personal and Professional

Our principals and many of our staff are involved in both corporate and civic concerns.  We place great value on integrating community commitment with professional responsibilities and activities.

Truly Personalized Service

Each and every client becomes accustomed to a level of personalized service and attention from Mr. Sultanik and Mr. Krumholz .  Clients know they will always be dealing with one of the principals.  This generates a sense of continuity and permanence as well as the confidence that your business affairs are being handled with the utmost care by the most senior professionals.

The principals work closely with both corporate and individual clients to identify special needs and develop working relationships that enable them to fulfill the consulting, tax planning, accounting and auditing needs of their clients.